Friday, April 14, 2017

Yet another short post.

Lots to say, and lots to write, but I will keep this as short as I can, as people I am sure want more module reviews (They have been rather popular, to be honest.)

1. As I wrote on the updated version of my 20mm Review Page, I have had some favorable email conversations with the Managing Partner & Founder of Covert Intervention Games (CIG), Mr J Reid "Streak" Denton, CIG are the new owners of the Force20 line. He set me straight on some things, praised the blog, and generally is a good egg. I won't reveal the entire email, as I consider it privileged communication until told otherwise. But, it's nice to see the blog getting noticed by the industry.

2. Ehliem is having a sale until the 22nd of April, their "Not Going to Salute Sale". If you want to get into Twilight: 2000 on the tabletop in 20mm with some really great figures (including the only place you're going to get American Cav), this would be the time to do it. Not to mention, they turned the Cav "tops" into Modular Miniatures with new "bottoms" (yes, that sounded a mite naughty). This has exciting potential, if you ask me. (UPDATE: THE SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL SATURDAY, THE 22ND OF APRIL)

3. As some of you know, I am a working writer in the industry on a very small scale level. My first effort, Red Star, White Lights, (and also sold here) was moderately successful, and well-reviewed. I am hoping my new effort, covering West Berlin, "Red Star, Burning Streets" is as successful, but we're early in the process of getting the rough draft reviewed and the map sketches completed. As for a release date, at this point, "it's ready when it is ready."

4. I want to plug this blog I found, the Charge Blog. It's "Great Big Modern Wargaming Rules Comparison" is an excellent article and one I highly recommend. Heck, it has rules sets I didn't know were out there.

5. Finally, I want to thank people again for their support of this blog. It's meant a lot to me as I write this thing. It is a quirky concept, to be sure, for a "zombie" game (To me, Twilight: 2000 is a concept that refuses to die, and I like that). I guess what I am hoping is that people spread the word about this little patch of the internet. And if you have useful pictures of Poland, or something to add? Please contact me care of the blog. I would love to hear your input and see if we can't incorporate it into a blog post sometime?

That's all for now, a review of Red Star, Lone Star, is coming soon!


  1. Keep writing and ill keeo reading. Thx!!

  2. Hi, thanks for the link to Charge Blog! Glad you liked it and I look forward to reading through your blog!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Michael. Your blog is very, very well done indeed. I wish I could do some of the stuff you do with it.


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