Monday, April 3, 2017

New Stuff for Twilight 2000!

That's right, it's a new AFRICA Sourcebook for v2!

It's called the East Africa/Kenya Sourcebook, and while it is a bit barebones, it's the first Twilight: 2000 release I have seen since Twilight: 2013!

The sourcebook is complete, well edited, and chock full of potential gaming material for a brand new adventuring theater.

Image taken from DriveThruRPG, IP from GDW/FFE 

I have not read through it completely, but it looks good, and for $2.99 at, a solid buy. 

In short, Twilight: 2000 is looking like it might just rise from the ashes again?

And how wonderful this is post #20!


  1. Great to see new material. Im locked into v1 though. Shouldnt be hard to convert though?

    1. Should no be at all, T2K 2.0 says how to convert 1.0 adventures in the front pages of the book, just reverse the procedure and voila! As for the rest? You may have to play a little guess work with the skill name changes...

  2. This is Olefin's work from the T2K forum, I believe. Good to see he got it published.

    1. You are right Matt - its an updated version of the original fan canon that I posted several years ago but now cleaned up, revised and official canon

  3. Happy to redesign the cover for free.

  4. Actually the way I wrote it you can easily play it as V1 - in fact there are V1 touches throughout it (i.e. one person of note has PST:95 (pistol skill) which is V1 and V2, put up the DEM skill that Frank Frey had in the RDF, etc.


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