Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yep, One More Short Post - Lee Hanna, aka Adm. Lee on the Juhlin Forum is on the Dead Game Society Podcast!

Seems Twilight: 2000 is becoming quite the podcast fodder lately! That's right, another Twilight: 2000 themed podcast done by the folks at Dead Games Society ("We Play With Dead Things", I like the slogan!) has been added to their show.

I have not listened yet (am downloading the podcast as we speak and I will listen later), but I wanted to give everyone out there a heads up!

You can get the direct link to the show page here!

Thank you DGS! We appreciate you guys giving the game we love the time it deserves!


  1. emssmiley2002, I put a link to one of their shows in my Red Star, Lone Star review.

  2. OOps my bad Jason I had not made it that far, yet


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