Saturday, April 1, 2017

Another Short Post

Well, I got a painting session in today..loads of fun. Some British vehicles, seen here, are much closer to being done. 3 Britannia FV 432 and a Matchbox Challenger.

I think I nailed the British 2 color scheme pretty well, no?

I also sprayed and gessoed the following stuff of interest to us Twilight: 2000 lovers.

3 Butlers Models T64s
3 Butlers Models BMP 2s
2 Revell T80s
1 Trumpeter T55
1 Model Collect T72B1
1 S and S ZSU-23-4
2 S Model BMD-2s

All in all, lots more for my Soviets. There was also some WWII stuff, but I will cover that in my sister blog, Festungplatz.

I am fairly happy with progress thus far, but there is lots to do. I also have a bit of a side project percolating in my head. We shall see if that goes anywhere?

More to come, especially that article on Pirates of the Vistula!


  1. Nice paint work, so are you doing g all this in 20 mm or 15mm?

    1. I am doing my project in 20mm, but if you want to do it in 15mm? Be my guest! Love to see what everyone comes up witn!

  2. Replies
    1. 20mm, Britannia FV 432 and a Matchbox Challenger 1.


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