Friday, October 13, 2017

Yet Another Short Post

It seems PSC has remained quite busy, as their usual Friday surprises have a big one for us all!

Picture by PSC, taken from PSC Facebook Page

There aren't any other details right now, but they look pretty good for 3d masters, assuming that is what they are, and with a little modification and some details from aftermarket manufacturers like Legend or Black Dog or S & S Models for stowage, they would fit right into the Twilight: 2000 milieu.

In other news, Shaun of S & S Models had to switch websites, as there was unspecified issues with the old one. The link provided above does work as it has been tested by your's truly.

This will definitely be my last post before my wedding on the 21st, and I want to let everyone know, I will be back sometime in Early November. I won't be making Fall-In after all as money and time will simply not allow it. But, that said, I intend to get a good chunk of modeling and painting in once the wedding is done so there will be more to post as the year rolls on as well as into the new one.

Cheers everyone!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Module Suitability Review: White Eagle

Image taken from Twilight: 2000 Wiki, IP from GDW/FFE
So, we're coming up on the end of the Version 1 modules. I will be reviewing the two new releases we've seen of late, Rook's Gambit, and the East African Sourcebook, but probably after I review Survivor's Guide to the United Kingdom, the last of the Version 1 modules.

As for what is the basic plot of White Eagle? Well, the long-hinted at struggle for the future of post -apocalyptic Poland has begun, all three factions, the WL, Krakow, and Silesia are now posturing and getting ready for the fight to come. All of the factions have something to offer, some more than others, but your Player Characters might have a bit of a past here, seeing as how they have interacted with a lot of these people before in earlier adventures (at times, negatively).

The adventure is very open-ended, and the buildup to the major fight can be quite a campaign in it's own right, but a lot of things feel...recycled. Moreover, I've mentioned dissatisfaction with one aspect of the adventure before.

But, how does this stack up as miniature games fodder?

Skirmish Games

White Eagle has a lot going for it in the combat arena, a lot. And, it can be the basis of a skirmish campaign, especially from the WL perspective, as you raise a guerilla army from basically nothing, train it, and send it out to wreak havoc on the enemy. This could be quite a rewarding campaign if done right, and the various Force on Force or No End in Sight campaign mechanisms would work very well here.

Other ideas include:
  • Ambushing a small supply convoy belonging to one of the enemy factions and looting it for all it's worth, this works well for all sides.
  • Playing out the ambush of a small diplomatic mission to one of the other factions. This could have some roleplaying elements as everyone plays "Let's make a deal".
  • Launching a raid against one of the other factions to stir up a rebellion in said faction?
  • A raid to capture/kill the leaders of an enemy faction. (There's a good map of Raciborz Castle if you want to make the Markgraf of Silesia the subject of said raid.)
In short, there's a lot of skirmish ideas here, and it's fertile ground if you look hard enough. Helpfully, there is a scenario for Last Battle in the back, and it can easily be converted to the aforementioned rules sets. 

Larger Games

White Eagle is pretty much leading up to some larger battles that are best played out via Spearhead, Command Decision, or Fistful of TOWs. (To be honest, these will mostly be smaller games anyhow, as the numbers involved will be smallish). That said, the shame about White Eagle is that there are no notes on the current states of the three combatants, where there was plenty of information in the previous modules that contributed to White Eagle. So, anyone trying to do a potential game out of this is going to have to improvise. 

Well, that's it for White Eagle. The next module on the list is Survivor's Guide to the United Kingdom. Not 100% sure when that will be, as I am getting married on the 21st of October, and time is going to be at a premium. But, rest assured, when my schedule allows, I will be back at it! 

Till then, happy gaming all!

Friday, September 22, 2017

I Am Getting Very Jealous of the 15mm Crowd!

Man, you guys are getting a lot of nice stuff lately. First, there is the Post-Apocalyptic boat line coming from The Scene in the UK. This stuff is perfect for a Pirates of the Vistula-inspired game. They look great painted up, to be frank, and if anyone's put them together (they don't look too difficult to do so), please chime in.

Perfect for a Vistula river cruise. Sadly, there is no luxury to be found at all, and accommodations are best described as "rustic", but after the nukes fall, you take what you can get. Photo taken from the The Scene

Another small development is more images from Plastic Soldier Company about the 15mm Soviet Cold War figures. They have announced a "Willstarter" with a target of 200 like the 1/72 T-55 project that has been discussed at length here.

The photos are well, stunning in quality for PSC, which is their usual standard, but I really must say, I like the sculpts I see coming out of this project.
I love the group shot here, the poses are dynamic, and the RPG Gunner looks great. Hope they do this in 20mm. Photo taken from PSC

Bit dated for Twilight:2000, but this could work for a Category III or Mobilization Only unit? Plus, it does work well for late 70's and early 80s. Photo taken from PSC.

As I said, the uniforms are a bit dated for Twilight: 2000 but for older formations, this works very well indeed. Not to mention, clothing stocks by 2000 are going to be...sparse. In short, these are great figures for this project and if you game in 15mm, this would be a good project to back.

I do want to apologize for my less active posting of late here. As I mentioned, I am getting married next month, to be exact, the 21st of October, to this lovely lady. I love you sweetheart, you make all things, including this blog, possible. And I look forward to more to come.

Friday, September 8, 2017

More News from Plastic Soldier Company

Color me impressed with the recent efforts from Plastic Soldier Company! I am really, and I mean really happy with the speed and alacrity I am seeing their Cold War product line develop.

I will let their Facebook announcement speak for itself, but again, I am very impressed indeed:

Another Cold War Friday!

New PSC hard plastic 15mm Cold War Soviet Infantry!

A 3 platoon plus HQ company sized box of hard plastic 15mm Cold War Soviet Infantry. 125 figures - all you will need!

Riflemen, grenadiers, RG7s and PKM machine guns plus heavy weapons support of AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spiggot, AGS-17 Grenade Launcher, SA-7 Grail AA Missile!!!

We are going to run another "Willstarter" Pre-order program. Once we have 200 pre-orders it will go into production. We have put a stock counter of 200 on the product so you can all see the total grow.

When the counter reaches zero we will be green for go!
*BONUS*! All pre-orders will be entered into a prize draw to win:-
1st prize: £75 worth of PSC products (your choice)
2nd prize: £50 worth of PSC products (your choice)
3rd prize: £25 worth of PSC products (your choice)

The box cover is gorgeous..simply gorgeous..Image taken from PSC website.

And so are the figures...Pretty jealous of the 15mm guys out there! Image taken from PSC FB page.

Pre order here:-


1/72nd T55 Willstarter nearly there - 176 is the score on the door... help push it over the line!


15mm Leopard 1 kit now in the toolroom and underway and on target for early November release. Preorder now and get a discount and another prize draw entry:-


The design team have started work on the next 15mm Cold War vehicle kit, can you guess what it is........?

Next week... its back to WW2!

What can I say, I am impressed to say the least. This is all gear that is very useful to the Twilight: 2000 - inspired miniature gamer. It's looking as if things are coming along. I do hope the T-55 "Willstarter" is concluded soon as I am looking forward to that effort coming to fruition so we can review some of them here for you. I suspect PSC's usual high standards and ease of construction will shine through again here.

In other news, as I have said, things are a bit light now due to my impending nuptials. I am going to be at the National Capitol Model Soldier Society's show tomorrow, and I will be wearing my blue Potomac Wargamer's polo shirt, so if you see me and love the blog? Come on by and chat, I will be there representing, and showing off some of my Battletech/Alpha Strike efforts.

I will post a show report in any case!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Module Suitability Review - Satellite Down

Image taken from, IP is GDW/FFE

Satellite Down is billed as a "thinking man's adventure" for Twilight: 2000. I was, at first, a little hard pressed to figure out how. But a little thought led to some good points. (I really would love to hear from Blane Pardoe on this). Yes, the cult (based around the survivng crew of the USS Virginia, a CGN that got into a nasty but unlikely naval battle with several Soviet destroyers, but was badly damaged itself) that holds the McGuffin in this adventure (a downed Soviet weather satellite with 4 years of weather data, useful if you're looking down the barrel of a nuclear war induced drought) is somewhat numerous, but there are fault lines in this little slice of Jim Jones that are going to fall apart under the strain of being hit hard enough by a raid to recover the satellite. The main issue would be, figuring out where the cult, and their insane leader (who apparently is drugged out of his mind most of the time) has the satellite stashed.

The DIA contact is good, as well as the rebellious sailors who have had enough of this little slice of "Haven", as it gives the players some nice contacts on the inside. The main issue? Once the players get the data, it's getting out that might present the most trouble. Baja California is a long way from home, in the midst of a civil war.

Oh, and there is the small matter of the Soviets wanting the data for themselves. (I would treat them as KGB Oznaz, real ruthless killer types). They might launch their own raid on the fly if they see the characters making a grab for the satellite. But, honestly, none of these are insurmountable issues, just tricky ones.

But how does this do as miniature wargame fodder?

Skirmish Gaming

For skirmish gaming, there are a few ideas, other than gaming out some of the usual encounters, some of the ones that come to mind are interesting ones:

  • A covert reconnaissance of Haven, perhaps grab a prisoner? Perhaps extract the DIA contact? This would make excellent Black Ops fodder and could make a good two scenario campaign where the second game would be the raid on the satellite.
  • A raid to kidnap the titular head of the community and interrogate him for the location of the satellite, as well as gain his (presumably unwilling) cooperation in the recovery of the satellite. Keep in mind, his self-proclaimed #2 is waiting in the wings for an opportunity like this...and the Soviets might take advantage of the confusion. This scenario also works well for Black Ops.
  • A variant of the above idea? Kill Brupp and let things fall apart, then grab the satellite in the confusion. Riskier, but a doable game if a small, well motivated raiding force gets in and gets out quick. A very good scenario for Black Ops as well, the down side? Both the grab for the satellite and the hit on Brupp are going to have to happen simultaneously, For a small raiding team, this is going to be a rough scenario.

Larger Scenarios

Larger scenarios are tougher to game out in the backdrop of this adventure, but it can be done. My best bet would be to game out the mini-civil war that is sure to break out when Brupp dies (and considering his level of drug use, as intimated by the adventure, that's going to be pretty soon). You can bring in all the factions, give them various objectives (Grab the remains of the Virginia, kill X# of the enemy, grab the satellite, etc.) and then let them have at it. This still isn't going to be a huge game by anyone's standards, but it would make a good game for Force On Force, if done right.

Well, that's it for Satellite Down, Next up is White Eagle, then I plan on finishing up the remaining V1 adventures, then I will review the products we have seen released recently. I am excited about this as I am darn happy you all have been hanging in there. We'll be doing more miniature-related posts as well, though the workbench article from yesterday isn't getting the response I thought it would get....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Photos from the Workbench

Yes, it was for a World War II game, but a lot of this stuff is useful for any genre, and as urban table scatter? It's just how useful and resourceful you can be with a little bit of effort.

During the leadup to the game, I managed to flock a ton of trees, paint up some figures for my German Volkssturm (some LMGs they needed), and a 5cm gun (it turns out I do not in fact, have a Pak 97/38, lucky me I have the means to make some)! I also made a clock suitable for a park anywhere in the world, and a ton, and I mean a ton of barbed wire.

So, first, let's see my other efforts first?

Here is some of the flocked trees and the clock tower, it's mounted on a bit of precut balsa found in a variety pack at Michaels, and flocked with a mixed flock that makes the grass look a little like it's gone to seed. All in all, not too bad.

This time, I did the barbed wire differently than I usually do it. I used some posts this time...and honestly, it came out a lot better. Here is a list of materials:
  • A supply of 1" x 1.5" bases or other cut materials (the size doesn't matter as much, but keep it consistent).
  • A supply of dowels (purchased at Michaels, I meant to use them for spent shells for AT gun bases, but they worked really well for this)
  • Barbed Wire (whatever you use for it, I use GF9's brand, but you can use whatever strikes your fancy).
  • Brown paint (red-brown works best)
The process is quite simple. First, take the base, then using super glue, cut the dowels in half, or about the size of 2/3rds of a 20mm figure (or 2/3rds of whatever scale you wish to use). Then glue said dowels to the base on the flush (not the cut ends, you use those for the ends facing up). Let this dry overnight.

Next, paint the entire thing brown, mix, slather it on a bit, as you're going to need it.

The bases before flocking and application of the wire

Next, slather on some white glue, cut with a bit of water (50/50 mix I'd say) and carefully brush on, then flock the bases with whatever flock you like. I used the same mix of flock I used on the clock tower, but whatever works for you. 

After that, cut a length of barbed wire, and wrap it around a pen or sharpie (something medium sized), and then carefully wrap the protruding ends on both sides around the posts. You can glue the wire to the posts with super glue, but if you get a tight fit, it's not really required. 

I think I spent about 2 hours of total work to churn out about 30+" of barbed wire for very little effort or cost. And the results?

Look either to the left or the right in the photo, I think you will agree, pretty darn good, no?

Not bad for a few hours work, eh? By the way? It's Post # 50! Wowsers! 50 posts of this stuff, and you still want more!

Also, something else just crossed my desk. It seems that the 20mm T-55s being crowdfunded by Plastic Soldier Company are very, very close to fruition. They need a few more orders to put them over the top, they say, so, if you need T-55s in 20mm, these are a very good buy! Run, do not walk to get your box, or two!

<Waves hand in Jedi-like motion> "These are the T-55s you are looking for, consider no other!"

Monday, August 14, 2017

Another new module for Twilight: 2000!

Image taken from DriveThru RPG, IP is FFE
It has been a red letter year for Twilight: 2000 fans. First, there was the release of the East African Sourcebook, which caused quite the buzz, and yes, fans, I will review it as soon as I can (got that wedding coming up), and now? Now we have a new adventure, Rook's Gambit, by A.R. Bergesen (known to many Twilight: 2000 forum goers as Raelleus!) . Like the previous work from FFE, this is another PDF only project for $2.99 and all I can say is, this nostalgia ridden Twilight: 2000 fanatic is overcome with joy.

I suspect there are other projects in progress (and some of them, I have personal knowledge about, some, I just suspect, but I will say no more than that). I applaud Marc Miller for going this route, there's a lot of stories to be told by the fans, and yes, PDF publishing allows them to be told. I do promise I will review the module from a miniaturist standpoint soon, but I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Raelleus on this blog, and let him know, there is not only a fan base, but one that will go out and buy this thing like hotcakes.

So, run, do not walk to get this thing. Rest assured, I will read it and review it soon!

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