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Module Suitability Review - Boomer

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And so we come to the conclusion of the Last Submarine trilogy. This adventure is in many ways, a bit better than Mediterranean Cruise. There is a Soviet Typhoon-class SSBN out there, and it's got some missiles left. And the Soviets are trying to recover what end, I am sure nobody wants to find out.

In any case, there is the epic voyage to Norway, to gain more information as to the whereabouts of the SSBN, with a tense moment or two involving the French Navy and some improptu repairs in what's left of the UK. After that it's a trek through the north of Norway and a raid on the Soviet encampment around the Soviet "Boomer". Then the players might wind up with a ship of their own? Perhaps a return to Europe is in order?

Like Mediterranean Cruise before it, there are a couple of capsule scenarios for Harpoon, if you are into modern naval wargaming. And, the advanture is well paced, and solid. probably one of the best to come out for Twilight: 2000 during that period.

But how does it stack up for generating miniatures games?

Skirmish Scale

There is a lot of skirmish fodder here, and with the maps in the module, it makes terrain construction a snap, to be honest.

Some of the best possibilities are?
  • Holding off the marauders trying to take the sub on the British beach while she is affecting repairs. It is a large, flat beach, with not much in the way of terrain features, but one can make some interesting changes, the numbers involved lend itself well to No End in Sight, or Force on Force.
  • The Norwegian raid on Narvik to hit the KGB Headquarters there would make an extremely good Force on Force or Black Ops game.
  • The final raid on the SSBN encampment would make a great, tense game as well, but there is a lot of flat terrain, so it would be best to limit visibility so as to not allow the defenders to have it all their way.

Larger Scale

Sadly, there isn't much for any larger scale games. Between the war coming to something of a grinding halt, the nature of warfare in the Great White North, and the forces involved, it's really not got much for large battles. For some more on wargaming in Scandinavia, and the factors involved...check out "Red Star, White Lights" by yours truly. (End Shameless Plug!)

This was a short review as Boomer is, for a Twilight: 2000 adventure, a pretty straightforward adventure. It hasn't got a lot of meat or subplots going for it, but then again, it's the nature of the adventure. Find the sub, sink the sub.

Next to be reviewed will be a book I think I accidentally skipped, which is Kidnapped. This book has a lot more potential for larger scale fights..not to mention..the McGuffin involved could decide the fate of the United States.

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  1. Mostly small-unit actions in this module. And then, if they take the sub, Corpus Christi's officers have a look-see before they scuttle her. And stay on the sub! No worries about storms or other hazards of the sea. A nice, safe ride back to Norfolk/Little Creek.

  2. Thx again. Was looking forward to the next one!

  3. Really enjoying these reviews, Jason.


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