Friday, June 23, 2017

Lots and Lots of News

See, getting away from the small post format...and the news is just too damn big for a measly short post.

Ok, for starters, the review of Boomer, will be a bit delayed. I am working on a manuscript for something that I will reveal much, much later. For now, it's hush hush all around.

But the big news?

Battlegroup NORTHAG is in development! We don't have too much more other than a mockup of the cover (which I hope remains the final version, as it is too badarse not to use!)

Taken from Ironfist Publishing's Facebook Site

For those living under a rock, Battlegroup is a set of tactical to operational rules for WWII that is wildly popular! And they are making the splash into Cold War Gone Hot. I have the rules and they are the joint subject along with Bolt Action for my other blog, Festungplatz. There has been quite a few modern fan supplements for some time, but to have something official is nice. And when it hits, I promise "500 Miles..." fans that I will immediately begin work on a T2K mod!

Yes, Virginia, this is a development, and I will keep you posted as much as I can.

Also of big news to "500 miles..." fans? Plastic Soldier Company has as some are aware of, released some 15mm T-55s as a test to see how they would do in the market. Sales must have been good, and us 20mm heads have been making quite the noise for our own T-55s! They are now taking preorders for 20mm T-55s, once they get 200 orders, they will be made! At 3 to a box for 17.50GBP, it's a pretty good price (even with the shipping to the US).

And, as an additional incentive, one lucky gamer will be chosen to receive a painted set of T-55s done by Piers Brand, house painter for PSC, co-designer of Battlegroup and all around great guy! I know his work, I have some Soviet Airborne by him that is well, stunning.

I have built quite a few PSC kits, and other than one screwup with a Pz III, I have found them to be awesome kits to build and easy to paint. Walk, do not run to get these kits.

Here is a shot of the projected box for the 20mm:

Taken from Plastic Soldier Company's Website

Run, do not walk to place your preorder, folks.

Also, the word is, 15mm Leopard Is are in development. So there will be a lot more I think coming down the Cold War pike.

Also, I wanted to mention a blog I found on the Red Storm Rising Wargamers page. The Third World War 1987 is some of the best speculative fiction on a potential Third World War in the 1980s I have read in a long time. We are still in the buildup phase, but you can feel the tension, and to be honest, communicating that pre-war tension is almost essential in writing these things (I am still writing a fanfic with that particular backdrop, and this is much, much better).

So, lots of news. I also plan on posting a review of Butler's Printed Models soon, I just have to finish painting them, but so far, I have found them to be very easy to assemble and paint (ridiculously so).

I also intend to do an article on fast-build kits that are out there, as well as the other plastic kits of use to the Twilight: 2000 wargamer.

So, till then, signing off the net.

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