Saturday, January 25, 2020

HMMWV in 28mm

Apologies for my absence from this blog.

The US HMMWV is an iconic vehicle in Twilight 2000 (and I have a number of 20mm scale ones somewhere) but this is my first one for 28mm.

The Empress kit is mainly in a white resin with white metal 0.50" HMG, hatch and pintle.
This is the model dry assembled with William Killian for scale.

As we all know, vehicles in Twilight 2000 need to carry all the team's equipment, so they tend to be heavily loaded.

I looked through my collection of Crooked Dice, Debris of War and Empress Stowage items to load up the back of the vehicle together with Greenstuff soft stowage..


  1. Excellent work on this, Looks superb.

  2. great work on that piece


  3. Love this piece, sorry the blog has been quiet all, RL has been a bear. More is coming soon, got some pieces I am painting up!

  4. Hi my friend. Glad to see you posting again it’s a Great site:) Keep up the Great work:) We Just did a Part of the battle where the US 5 Inf.Div. Gets destroyed. But it went so badly for the Soviet players the Good guys saved a bit of the Div. they did a break out. Lot of Fun. Anyhow keep up the post. I’ll be posting some bits on my blog when I do hope you will find it cool and fun to read about.Ill let you know sir.
    Take care God Bless
    Dave In Va.

  5. Oh forgot to say Really Like this 28mm HMMWV love the Green stuff work it really looks like a PC vehicle. That’s cool you have two scales you use. Players often load vehicles to a very full level! My PCs have a HMMWV and an old EMP proofed Ford Pickup. In the Game I run a lot of older Vehicles and Planes,Tanks,APCS, Boats etc...that have been dragged out of Mothballs do to withstanding EMPs better:)
    Well take care now.
    Dave In Va.


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