Sunday, December 2, 2018

Truck Utility Medium, Fitted For Radio - 28mm

Vehicles specifically for Twilight 2000 in 28mm are quite rare, so occasionally you have to improvise.

Crooked Dice have a miniatures game (7TV) and a matching range of figures, most revolving around the film and television output of a fictional British production company from the 'sixties to the 'eighties.

To provide transport for some of the characters, in 2016 they introduced a vehicle which has a remarkable resemblance to a Series III Land Rover.
A slightly out of focus William Killian (another Crooked Dice figure, sadly not currently in production) for scale.

This makes a nice shortish wheelbase hard top Land Rover.

Recently Crooked Dice have run a Kickstarter for a Post Apocalyptic version of their 7TV game. They added a number of conversion items including a Medium Stowage Set. This includes one piece that fits neatly on to the front of their Land Rover, and another that makes a great roof rack load.

In the Tankograd book on Key Flight '89, on page 28 there is a photograph of a Land Rover series III with stowage in that exact same location.

As it mentions in the title, this is Fitted For Radio, so I added an aerial mount using a piece of 4mm square section tube (with 4mm strip ends) and an aerial base made from brass rod to the front right side of the bonnet. The photograph in the Tankograd book has two aerial mounts, but the Land Rover 110 on page 15 has only one (and is a hard top).

Though the pieces fit fairly well, there was a slight gap between the front of the roof stowage and the roof itself, and the piece sitting on the bumper did not balance well.

The former was fixed by adding a tarpaulin made from Greenstuff, the latter had some square section rod added underneath.
This was one of the vehicles I mentioned when I was writing about the Soviet infantry.

It is base painted (PSC British Tank green), but needs decals and weathering.
A British infantryman armed with an L1A1 (FN SLR) for scale. He was converted from a Crooked Dice X-Commando using an Empress British Infantry helmet with extra camouflage.

So now my British have some transport, now I need some British troops.

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