Friday, December 1, 2017

Where Do We Go From Here?

A familiar photo to all Twilight: 2000 lovers (Image is IP FFE/GDW)

Ok, gang, I have some ideas on what I want to talk about, but of course, I'd love input from you, the reader. This page is about you guys, and what you want to see, or not want to see. I am going to put ideas for future posts out there as a way of saying a) What I am working on, and b) Ideas for you to contribute?

So without further ado:

  • A tutorial on how to build a model of a vehicle and give it the proper "Twilight: 2000" look?
  • Some product reviews (I would love to do an article on just hobby and super glues out there).
  • The long-threatened 28mm figure and vehicle review article. (This is a subject area I am a little thin on, so any help here would be VERY appreciated).
  • A discussion of what's out there in 6mm?
  • A discussion on scenario design?
  • Book Reviews (I have those Iran-Iraq War books to finish and review, and any other suggestions?) (Already done two, and more incoming)
  • An article on vehicle weathering and stowage? Where to get it, make it or just plain how to make it look good?
  • Some terrain building ideas?
  • Your suggestions? What would you like to see?
I am very eager to see your comments about this. I know we have an audience. The Module reviews have been a big hit and I want to continue the momentum we've had.

So, the floor is yours everyone. Let me know what you are thinking!


  1. One of my most treasured books for this period is Isby's "Weapons and tactics of the red army" which covers just about everything you could want to know about cold war Soviet military stuff.

    1. Mine too, I also have the "NATO's Armies of the Central Front" as well.

    2. Nice, I need to get a copy of that. I saw it at a used book store a couple years back but stupidly didn't grab it.

  2. Be good to see a blurb on vehicle to vehicle combat worked out. ie T72 VS Bradley (or whatever). Its an example thats not covered in the rule books. Do a step by step, blow by blow account.

    1. Evil, cool idea but I am more focused on Twilight:2000 as an idea for tabletop miniature games..but I will consider it.

    2. As a corollary to Evil's suggestion: you could do articles on the subject of "X vs Y" on a rules by rules basis (like, how a Bradley should take on a T-72 in Skirmish Sanguin, Black Ops, Ambush Alley, etc) as each rule set will give the player different options or tactical means based upon how the turn is conducted, return fire, opposed rolls, etc... Sort of a rules comparison as well as tactical primers.

  3. Vehicle tutorials and scenario discussions would get my vote.



    PS- Under Fire Miniatures has just released some 28mm Cold War Soviets that would be ideal for a 28mm overview.

  4. Scenario discussion, general comments on the T2K universe, and so on.

  5. How about pictures of models and units that we have. I have Polish, American, Soviet, Unified German, British and Marauder units Painted up. I would love to show them off. Just let me know who to email them to. Do you have a "submit stuff" button?

    1. See the top right of the blog! Just implemented it today.


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