Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Short Post: ArmiesArmy and PSC Updates for the 15mm Crowd

Well, it seems PSC has been very prolific on the 15mm front. We're seeing new releases here that will fit quite nicely for your Twilight: 2000 needs. First, the 15mm Plastic Soviet Motor Riflemen are coming out soon, and they're doing a prize draw and soon.

Box Art for the Upcoming Release (Image taken from PSC)
Next, we've got the box art for the M60A3 release!
Box Art for the Upcoming Release (Image taken from PSC)
So the M60s are coming, I don't have a release date up, but I will let you 15mm fanatics know when that happens. That said, I am jealous we haven't seen much in the way of 20mm releases yet for Cold War. I assume we shall see what happens there in the near future.

Other than that, we'll keep on this.

ADDENDUM: There's also been some new releases from ArmiesArmy. They have released their 15mm 80s Cold War Dutch and Canadians! I can personally attest as to the quality of the figures involved and if you're looking for either for your 15mm Twilight: 2000 table, then these are a good place to start!

Armies Army Canadians, taken from Armies Army webpage

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