Monday, November 13, 2017

A Short Post - New Maps of the Caucasus on Drive Thru RPG!!

Hello everyone, November is going swimmingly, and I am getting back into the swim of things, but I heard about this neat new thing that's just come out on DriveThru RPG for $4.95 or as a PDF and Poster for $6.95.

Taken from DriveThru RPG

The map is very well done in the old 1st Ed Campaign Map from the boxed set, as well as the Northern Germany map from Going Home. The map is full color, with very clearly marked out locations and terrain on the map. It also has a hex overlay option in the PDF and JPEG options. In short, it's a wonderfully done map, and it also has marked out railways and airbases, two things the old campaign map did not have. 

In short, this thing is a roleplayer's godsend, or if you're doing a campaign map for a miniatures game (Hint, Hint!). It's got adventure potential galore.

In short, do not walk, run to get your copy of this. I am hoping Albatross Press does more maps of other areas of the world, as the air navigation maps that were often enclosed with 2nd Edition products were very difficult to use from a RPG standpoint.

Some ideas that come to me are:

  • A campaign by US Special Forces units based in Iran to stir up trouble in the Trans Caucauses against the Soviets? 
  • Recovery of a crashed US B-52 or B-1 with nuclear weapons aboard.
  • Move Satellite Down from Baja to the TransCauscasian region? With some modifications (Brupp becomes a suitable Russian name, and instead of a cult, he proves to be an ultra loyal party hack with some strange ideas on party loyalty?)
  • An OPFOR campaign of a small Soviet unit far from home, surrounded by tons of locals who do not like them...or each other.
So, next up will be the East African Sourcebook. I intend to get that writeup out soon, probably in the next week or two. 

Till next time!


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