Friday, October 13, 2017

Yet Another Short Post

It seems PSC has remained quite busy, as their usual Friday surprises have a big one for us all!

Picture by PSC, taken from PSC Facebook Page

There aren't any other details right now, but they look pretty good for 3d masters, assuming that is what they are, and with a little modification and some details from aftermarket manufacturers like Legend or Black Dog or S & S Models for stowage, they would fit right into the Twilight: 2000 milieu.

In other news, Shaun of S & S Models had to switch websites, as there was unspecified issues with the old one. The link provided above does work as it has been tested by yours truly.

This will definitely be my last post before my wedding on the 21st, and I want to let everyone know, I will be back sometime in Early November. I won't be making Fall-In after all as money and time will simply not allow it. But, that said, I intend to get a good chunk of modeling and painting in once the wedding is done so there will be more to post as the year rolls on as well as into the new one.

Cheers everyone!


  1. Yeah, I'm sure the tension of a wedding in about a week is mounting to epic proportions. Best wishes!

  2. Nice post, and best wishes on the wedding!

  3. Let PSC know, per our conversation that that is NOT an M60A3....There's more errors on that thing than an early season Mets game....


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