Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The First Module Suitability Review - Escape from Kalisz

Escape from Kalisz is the introductory adventure for Twilight: 2000. and as such, it is meant as both an origin story, and a world building exercise. From a roleplaying standpoint, it is an excellently done introductory adventure, and it was a shame to be honest, that it was not updated and reprinted in the 2nd Edition.

It's associated handout, Death of a Division really sets the stage well, and both do a fine job of putting any characters in a "YOU ARE THERE" situation.

But what about from a miniatures standpoint? What can we do with this supplement to mine it for miniatures scenarios?

There are a couple of ideas that immediately come to mind.

Larger Scale Scenarios

Death of a Division is a literal gold mine of ideas. And considering none of the forces are at full strength, many of the potential scenarios make for some small, but tight games that can be probably played in an afternoon.

  • 1st and 256th Brigades attack on Lodz on July 14th. This attack has two prongs, and you can do either one, but the attack by 1st Brigade would probably make a larger game.
  • 1st Brigade's defense of the Kalisz - Turek road. The numbers are mentioned in detail on the US side, and one can surmise the Soviet numbers rather easily. 
  • 2nd Brigade's final attack South on the 17th of July, or the defense of Kalisz by 1-40th Armored and 4-12th Cavalry. 
All of these would make some interesting games, and because of their sizes, would make good introductory scenarios to the milleu. 

Smaller Scale Scenarios

There are literally a number of scenarios where skirmish games could be written up in an interesting fashion, as in many towns, the locals are not happy to see the Soviets, and in some cases, have wound up victims to their excesses (Wielun is a good example). 

Any number of raid-type scenarios could be cooked up for any decent rules set and with some suitable post apocalyptic terrain for a village, a good game could be had, 

Other ideas aren't far either as Escape from Kalisz borrows a lot, thematically from any number of German Ruckkampfer experiences of small German units attempting to escape yet another Soviet encirclement late in the war. Find one you like, adapt it for Twilight: 2000, and it will fit well in Kalisz.

Other skirmish ideas include:

  • Urban fighting in Kalisz on the 17th. Small bands of Americans desperately trying to escape town while the Poles and Soviets are rounding up fugitives. Could turn into a very close MOUT game.
  • Small unit of American stragglers ambushes a Polish or Soviet supply convoy for supplies.

In short, the verdict is this scenario pack is a veritable gold mine of miniature gaming ideas. We'll be covering Free City of Krakow next! See you next time!


  1. This is great. I'm happy to see someone is giving Twilight 2000 the attention it rightfully deserves. I know you've talked about this before, but what combat rules will you use for your actual games?
    I purchased "Last Battle" second hand and while I love its simplicity, I'm not sure if it's what I'd actually go with.

  2. I personally swear by Force on Force for Skirmish rules, as for larger battles, that gets a bit sticky..I admit I am leaning towards modified Battlegroup World War II (aka Battlegroup Kursk) rules. There are a couple of modern mods out there.

    1. I have a modern variant of Battlegroup: Kursk that I've been kicking around called "Battlegroup: REFORGER" using the armor and combat values from the old GDW TEAM YANKEE board game. That seems like a really good idea for man to man or squad to squad combat.
      FUBAR, which is a free one, might be a good skirmish rules set where you can have lots of troops and toys on the table as well.

  3. The best part these days is that you can go to Google maps and get map views, Earth views, and street views to get an idea of what an area might look like. :)

    1. Gotta be somewhat careful about that Anthony, a lot of areas have changed since the end of the Cold War, especially in the former Communist east. Not saying it's not useful..but it helps to compare it to contemporary maps.

    2. But you can use the "Time" slider thats on Google Earth. If the area you are looking at on the maps has it you an easily slide 20-30 years back in time.

    3. Basic Terrain doesn't change that much. Vegetation types tend to be the same. That's what I meant.

  4. Really great to see you doing these articles. Ill have to update my " entertainment in the post apocolypse" article and put you in it now if your good with that?


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