Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Short Entry

Hello all from the windy world of Twilight: 2000!

Been giving a lot of thought to many of the things I have said and written about. I intend to get to some more practical modeling articles, as well as some more writeups.

But I wanted input from you the reader!

So here is what I need? In the comments section, please let me know, am I?

a) On the right track?
b) We need more eye candy?
c) Some other ideas?

One of the other ideas I had was doing a module a week review with an eye towards dissecting it for the opportunities for miniatures play. We'd start at Kalisz and work our way forward all the way towards the end of the 1st Ed modules (they did a couple of modules for 2nd Ed, but those in my mind, didn't have a lot of minis opportunities, unless of course, you play Merc: 2000)?

I wanted to get your input because as my nuptials come up and my workload increases during the spring, posting time is going to become a bit limited, and I want to make sure, you the reader is happy with what's going up. I enjoy writing this blog, for sure, but I want my readers to stick around.

So here is your chance to speak your mind on what has come before, and what is to come ahead!

Don't be shy everyone!

BTW, I just noticed, it's our 15th post. Man the milestones just keep coming, don't they?


  1. Write about things that interest you that you want to talk about.

  2. And some eye candy.... some wonderfully post-apoc eye candy. :)

  3. What Ashley said, she is completely right- it will make for a better post. However if I was to be pushed into a suggestion I'd like to see some game reports. Your snippets of scenario ideas are great and I'd like to see one played out on the table top.



  4. I agree with Ashley, I am interested in seeing anything you want to post about T2K from any edition.

  5. Module reviews would be cool, more pictures would be cool.

  6. All the above, plus some gameplay using the minis.


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