Wednesday, April 3, 2019

GPS Survey, Round 3

Hey gang,
 It's nice to have loyal readers, and I do love writing for you guys. It's nice to be part of the Twilight: 2000 blogosphere, with such sites as The Savant's Rants out there. I do like getting the pulse of the readership from time to time, so hence, this GPS Survey!

 I promise, it will be mostly painless.

Or at least less painful than the poor guy on the ground got...

Please answer this thread in the comments, as it will allow me to track answers.

So, here's the questions?

1. Do you think the focus of the blog is too wide, too narrow, or just right?

2. If you answered too wide or too narrow, what can I do to improve that?

3. Any miniatures/rules we're overlooking that we shouldn't?

4. Any other kinds of articles you'd like to see?

5. We're thinking of doing interviews with whomever we can track down from say, GDW or Grenadier or even just prominent modelers/wargamers who have an interest in the milleu. Anyone you think we ought to talk to?

6. Finally, any other articles/ideas YOU'D like to see?

PS: The sci-fi anthology with my short story is now out. Please if you haven't already? Pick up a copy, the other stories are damn good too, and for $2.99, you cannot go wrong! 


  1. The focus is just right, IMHO.

    Articles would include OBs, looking at perhaps using helicopters per Krakow or RDF, maybe including fixed-wing air for RDF scenarios, etc.

    Frank Frey is obvious, along with Mark Miller, and anyone connected with GDW.

  2. IMO Focus is just right

    Some seaside or river canal articles would be good, water transport ect

    20mm sculpter's etc and wargamers

    Hercé Salon de Guerre


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