Monday, February 4, 2019

A New-ish Blog for T2K and Why It Deserves Your Attention!

Ok folks,
 Deep thought time. I found this new blog, The Savant's Rants, and some of the stuff on this site is phenomenal to say the least. I was especially taken by the articles on starvation and food in Twilight: 2000, as well as foraging..but one article is of great importance to miniatures players, at least from an army construction point of view. It's entitled "Crossrant: Feeding the Horde (Armies and Starvation in Twilight: 2000)"

 In short, the article is brilliant. and it explains well that there is an upper limit on the size of armies in Twilight: 2000, because well, you have to feed them. And worse, how much you're gonna short the locals to do just that.

  So what does that leave us? New fodder for scenarios of course! A couple that rapidly come to mind are:
  • An "organized" military force is travelling through a relatively fertile area relatively untouched by the war. The locals aren't too keen on having an extra few thousand mouths to feed and are willing to make life miserable for this force. (Campaign fodder if I ever saw it).
  • A force is sent by one side to raid another side's farms, and take as much as possible, and burn the rest.
  • An enemy force has had amazing crop yields, find out why, and either steal it..or destroy it and make sure they can't have it either?
And these are just a few ideas that come to mind at 8AM on a Monday. I am sure more will hit me as time goes on. But this is what I mean, food for thought is great scenario fodder, and this blog article is no exception. Give it a read, and see if you don't get your own ideas?


  1. Nothing like burning Ivan's crops to liven up a day-remember that some (like Corn) burn more easily than others.

  2. Thank you sir - glad to see someone finds my "ranting" useful and inspiring LOL. To others interested consider checking out Wayne's site for his play reports that my posts/articles interact with and help stimulate my thoughts.

    Also check out the Twilight 2000 MeWe group! (no colon)


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