Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hell By Daylight is Back, and tons of movement on the "Cold War Battlegroup" front.

  Remember when I mentioned a little rules set called Hell By Daylight? I also mentioned that a copy of them was extremely difficult to get one's hands on. Well, god bless Jim Webster. He's reprinting it in a 4 part series in Miniature Wargames Magazine.  Part 1 has come out in the current issue, 418.

Picture taken from Miniature Wargames Magazine website
Now, I will caveat the rules with this. For a small set of figures on either side (like an encounter in Twilight: 2000?), these rules are perfect. They aren't really for larger platoon sized games, like Force on Force, or No End in Sight. (To confess, the mechanics are a bit dated, by modern standards, but I think they hold up well, personally). They have good solid rules for reaction under fire, and they make such reactions unpredictable, to say the least. These were my go-to rules in my high school years, and they were great for those small encounters one finds in every war.

I am very excited about this, and am looking forward to my next three issues to arrive in my email inbox.

In other news, I know I have been going on about Battlegroup NORTHAG, and it's being worked on, I can assure you of this. But in the meanwhile, the Cold War: Hot, Hot, Hot blog has released their own unofficial Battlegroup Cold War rules. Now, that said, we're hoping we can convince Leigh to work on a Twilight: 2000 variant for the rules. Another Battlegroup variant for Cold War era stuff is Battlegroup Fulda. I have yet to try either rules set, but I am eager to do so. I will let you know how it goes, and if I can get any breaks from my busy writing schedule, perhaps I will gin up something for Twilight: 2000 myself.

As for other news, rumor is a Korean Sourcebook for Twilight: 2000 might be coming out on Drivethru RPG soon as well. At least, that's what my own RUMINT tells me. I don't know the veracity of such rumors, but they are coming from reliable sources, so I will keep you posted.

Work on my own Charters of Freedom continues apace, and I am also looking at some other projects that will hopefully, be mostly off of my desk in the new year, but as someone who knows the industry can tell you, deadlines can be a bit flexible.

On the modelling front, I found this small company, called Boundless Brooklyn, that does of all things, NYC watertowers that to me, would look good on a wargaming table with a bit of paint and weathering. It comes with everything you need to put it together for $10. It looks great for a potential Armies of the Night - themed game.

Image taken of completed model. Looks pretty good, huh?
My wife also got me some terrain stuff from Ironclad Miniatures for Christmas, and it arrived a bit late. She got me some hedgerow kits for WW-II France, which look great, and a couple of field defenses and a ruins pack. Now the latter items are great, they are well sculpted, the items arrived without cracks or bubbles visible in the surfaces that are to be painted. In short, I am very pleased with the products I got here.

Here are all the products laid out in their glory. Everything looks awesome.

So, lots to report, and more is to come, but I wanted to post all this so you didn't think I was just neglecting this blog. Nope, no chance of that! You keep reading, and I will keep writing.


  1. Great post! I too have really been enjoying MW magazine (get it through Pocket Mags e-sub) and was jazzed about the HBD rules, but bummed that it'll take 4 issues to complete them. I'll keep compiling it as it comes along though!

    I'll also be looking for that Korean supplement, can put my 15mm LVT5P to use other than in Nam!

  2. I'm a big fan of the Ironclad range. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Quick question: Are the Hell by Daylight rules a straight reprint of have they been updated in any way?



    1. There are some small changes, but it looks as if it's mostly a reprint.

    2. He is one of my favourite rule writers. I've got a copy of the original so I'll have a look at what has been changed before deciding whether to get the new ones.

      What I'll really like is a copy of his Hell and Uncivil Disorder...



  3. I had never heard of those rules before. I will try to give them a once over.
    Might I also suggest giving the 5core system a once over, they are done by Nordic Wesel games.
    And Specter rules are pretty good for small teams vs small teams.

  4. As an unashamed Battlegroup fanboy I very much looking forward to BG: NORTHAG!

  5. Will the Hell by Daylight rules be offered as one set in the future? I do not get MW mag, so not sure if there was a mention of that possibility.


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