Friday, September 22, 2017

I Am Getting Very Jealous of the 15mm Crowd!

Man, you guys are getting a lot of nice stuff lately. First, there is the Post-Apocalyptic boat line coming from The Scene in the UK. This stuff is perfect for a Pirates of the Vistula-inspired game. They look great painted up, to be frank, and if anyone's put them together (they don't look too difficult to do so), please chime in.

Perfect for a Vistula river cruise. Sadly, there is no luxury to be found at all, and accommodations are best described as "rustic", but after the nukes fall, you take what you can get. Photo taken from the The Scene

Another small development is more images from Plastic Soldier Company about the 15mm Soviet Cold War figures. They have announced a "Willstarter" with a target of 200 like the 1/72 T-55 project that has been discussed at length here.

The photos are well, stunning in quality for PSC, which is their usual standard, but I really must say, I like the sculpts I see coming out of this project.
I love the group shot here, the poses are dynamic, and the RPG Gunner looks great. Hope they do this in 20mm. Photo taken from PSC

Bit dated for Twilight:2000, but this could work for a Category III or Mobilization Only unit? Plus, it does work well for late 70's and early 80s. Photo taken from PSC.

As I said, the uniforms are a bit dated for Twilight: 2000 but for older formations, this works very well indeed. Not to mention, clothing stocks by 2000 are going to be...sparse. In short, these are great figures for this project and if you game in 15mm, this would be a good project to back.

I do want to apologize for my less active posting of late here. As I mentioned, I am getting married next month, to be exact, the 21st of October, to this lovely lady. I love you sweetheart, you make all things, including this blog, possible. And I look forward to more to come.


  1. Just try and find late war (WW2) Soviet Winter troops i.e. greatcoats or those cool coveralls they wore during the fight outside of Moscow in 15mm. Good Luck, I've seen minis in 20mm and 28mm but not in 15mm.

  2. That boat looks like Mad Max on the water.

  3. IIRC the 15mm boat from The Scene is actually the 20mm ship from Sgts Mess converted to a 15mm Post Apoc one.

    1. Interesting, perhaps one could do it themselves? Project potential?

  4. I think you will find that PSC is going to make 20mm versions of the soviet troops, might be next year but I think it will be done eventually. I have a set of the 15mm ones on pre-order and am looking forward to them. I also took your advice and got some CW Polish Infantry from Picoarmour. I'm going the 15mm route from now on as I no longer do anything in 28mm except Frostgrave, I do have to say it was a hard choice between going 15 or 20mm though.

    1. Don't get your hopes up too high. The pre order for the 20mm T-55 was filled very, very slowly compared to the 15mm which has made him put his Modern 20mm plans on hold as he feels the interest is too little to warrant investments that will take forever to pay off.


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