Monday, November 26, 2018

Season's Greetings From 500 Miles! And, a CONTEST!!!

From our friends at Podcast at Ground Zero!

Well, a chill is in the air, and Cyber Monday is upon us.  Why, even the rad count is down to "acceptable levels", and the chem sniffer has taken a break from sounding an alarm. And all our happy members are wishing for gaming goodies, full stills, and of course, more ammo. But hey, on a more page related note, I challenge my readers to post here or at the FB page some of their milleu related winter fact, let's make this a contest!

1st Annual "500 Miles Holiday Painting Contest"

Rules: Paint a miniature or group of miniatures (this includes terrain) from 6mm to 28mm scale in a winter setting suitable for Twilight: 2000. Entries can be sent to and will be judged by the members of the 500 Miles Facebook Page. They can be infantry, vehicles, or even a diorama!

It must be an original work, and not have submitted for anywhere else, online or offline.

Prize: I will put forward two packs from my stash of Grenadier Twilight: 2000 miniatures to the first prize winner. I also think I can put forward some other prizes for the other winners!

UPDATE: Due to the generosity of Michael Moore and Ehliem, we have some more prizes coming. I will let them be a surprise till they arrive, but lets just say, things are getting interesting! Also, GameCraft Miniatures is also providing a gift certificate!  

Due Date: Submissions to be ready by 16 December, judging will take place until December 30th.
Winner to be announced Jan 2nd! The top three entries will be posted here on the blog!

All other questions, to be directed at:

Also, please spread the word about this contest and let folks know far and wide. Feel free to copy the text, as I would love to see a variety of entries.



  1. When you get these photos, can I have permission to put some of them in my currently-in-progress Issue 2 of "Good Luck You're On Your Own" fan mag?


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