Wednesday, May 8, 2019

News All Around, and a Question to the Readership?

Well, there's much to discuss. First, the Battlefront Team Yankee line is just going strong as usual, and what I am seeing is interesting, namely, Oil War!

Taken from Battlefront Website

It's not just the book which is interesting, it's the product line. Not only do we get Israelis, Iranians, Iraqis, and a host of other stuff (US 9th Division everyone!) but we're getting M1A1's finally! So yes, 15mm players rejoice, no more scratchbuilding required.  We'll stay on this news but I have attached Episode 38 of "No Dice, No Glory" for further details on this release. Thanks to contributor and reader Jorge Del Rio for this big heads up!

Now, let's discuss the big news for the Twilight: 2000 fans in the room. Marc Miller has told us that a V4 is being worked on and a formal announcement about the new version will be made in the fall. 

I am cautiously optimistic regarding a V4. But considering what happened with Twilight: 2013, that caution is akin to Charlie Brown seeing Lucy with that damn football again! 

So here's what I am going to say to Mr. Miller. Please, you have hard core fans who love that game enough to write about it, blog about it and just plain spend their time with it 35 years on! Give it the treatment (and especially the timeline) it deserves. Ask us! Many of us have spilled so many electrons for this game, we'd be willing to do more. And most of us would probably do it for little if any remuneration other than our name in a book or two. 

I know this might very well fall on deaf ears, but it's worth making an appeal. We'd certainly like the old girl given the justice she deserves.

We'll keep you posted, gang!


  1. Some great news! Looking forward to it...

  2. We are the active players and dedicated fans. Please do not screw up our game. We have been there through thick and thin and held up the T2K banner. We love the game and want it to go forward.


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