Monday, August 7, 2017

Signal from Podcast at Ground Zero and musings about Podcasts.

It was good to hear this morning from Podcast at Ground Zero! We were worried that like Red Diamond Six Actual, there were Soviets in the wire. Good to hear this is not actually true and their podcast will continue.

I personally found their broadcasts fun, and informative, and like another couple faves of mine, Meeples and Miniatures and The Brit, the Yank, and the Hobby, they are some of the gold standard on the way genre (be it gaming or PA in general) podcasts SHOULD be done. They are well done, the hosts have done their homework before hand, and they stay on topic.

Too many podcasts are well, long rambling messes where by the end you're saying, "that is 45 minutes of my life I will not get back." The editing is also very well done, and they have engaging guests talking about things we, the listeners want. (this is especially true for Podcast at Ground Zero).

Might I take "500 Miles..." into podcast? Probably not. If anyone judges by my efforts on FB Live, I make a rather big hash of it, too many "ums" and "ahs" while I am trying to collect my thoughts before I speak. I mean it would be fun to have a Twilight: 2000 oriented podcast, but I am not the guy to do it, I will stick to writing, it's what I am good at (if I can be arrogant enough to say that).

That said, I highly recommend Podcast at Ground Zero for many of the topics I have mentioned here, while those topics aren't shall we say, illustrated on the Podcast (though they are sometimes on the video podcast), the food for thought they can provide for games and campaigns are well worth the listen, and they have a deep library you can listen to while you wait for the duo to come back and record new episodes.

So, gather round, turn on the battered old radio, and listen to a weak signal coming somewhere from the Post-Apocalyptic wilds, I promise, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Nice post, though PaGZ has one annoying problem: yapping about subjects that the folks tuning in have no use for: Case in point: their last T2K one. They spent 20 minutes yapping about the new Fallout game when everyone tuning in expects Twilight: 2000.

  2. I like PC@GZ and agree with Matt on the issues of easily going off topic. But they did have Frank Frey on a while back and that was a really good podcast. I think PC@GZ has done 3 podcasts on T2K

  3. It is good to see they are not done. I agree with the posters above, but that is what the "advance 30 sec" button is for. I think the overall problem many related podcasts have is that they run through all of their source material in the first several episodes and then start grasping for new stuff to discuss. There is a distinct lack if new material for T2K like scenarios out there for example.

    1. Here was the thing, a lot of their "non-Twilight:2000" stuff was useful to me, and gave me a lot of food for thought, so I am very glad to see them still on the air, so to speak.


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