Monday, July 17, 2017

My Awesome Historicon Adventure, Part One

Historicon, it's been a convention I have been going to since 1987 when it was still at the Penn Harris hotel in Camp Hill, PA. Boy that has been a long time. I have been going a lot more frequently since the con came to Fredricksburg.

It was a bittersweet convention for me, as I realized this was the 11th Historicon I have attended in some form or fashion, and for me, there was a lot of faces I do miss. We're graying as a hobby, and it was evident this year. I am 43, and I was used to being the "baby" at a lot of tables. Now, I see 3rd and 4th generation wargamers, and it's good to see, but I do hope there are enough of them to keep us a going concern.

Sadly, I did not see Covert Intervention Games there, but there was a lot of positive comments about my Twilight: 2000 related T-Shirts. I also spread the word of "500 Miles.." far and wide.

Anyhow, enough of the wool gathering and shameless plugs..I saw a lot of games, including a few PA games, mostly of a zombie nature, but there was a "Mad Max" game as put on by Stan Johansen of Stan Johansen Miniatures. Vendors were a plenty, but this year, my best finds were in the flea market (it tends that way sometimes, some years, the flea markets rock, some years, not so much).

There was a TON of Roco minitanks stuff for sale, both in the flea markets and the dealers area, 15 year old me would have been in heaven, 43 year old me? *meh*.

I didn't see ANY specific Twilight: 2000 stuff for sale, which was a rare thing in the flea market, we always see something. There was some box games, Air War, Air Cav, even a copy of Next War. I did pick up some items of interest to everyone here though.

I managed to get my hands on an Esci original M48A2G2, these will go well with my Germans for when I do territorials. I presume these would have been brought out of the reserve armories as replacements for the Twilight War.

As for games of interest, I did play in a couple of games of interest..the first was called, "SOCOM and Sorcery", on the Friday I was there (He had a WWII version as well that I did not play in, but the moderns version was a hoot none the less). Think a mashup of Ghostbusters, The Mummy, and stir in a LOT of modern firepower. There were a ton of factions, Chechens, Russians, Taliban, Somali Pirates, US Marines and Rangers, British, Australians...all after a Dr. Bakr who was playing with "things man was not meant to know". Fnord. (You could also win by getting gold, but I think everyone was like "screw that", except for the Chechen player). This game was excellent Twilight Nightmares fodder.

Here are some photos from that!

I played the hapless (and I do mean hapless) Russian commandos. First, we lost our a rhino with an anger management problem...we did put a satchel charge on it...and that badly wounded it until our Chechen "allies" managed to put it down with fire from a recoiless rifle. This then led to a happy massacre of the centaurs behind it with automatic weapons fire. All the while, the Somalis were RPGing to death a really big red dragon..with many of them being eaten in the process.

We then got into another fight with some pretty tough werewolves armed with some really big swords, and then shot down some temple guardsmen. So far, not too bad, our casualties were light, except for the BTR, and we got into the temple...then we ran into some mummies..who were around a corner..We threw several grenades...which kept bouncing all over the place...and not at the intended target. I then got tired of this...and had a man RPG the undead bastards...then finished them with AK fire. We then moved towards the temple room, where we massacred more mummies. But the Aussies beat us there. How you ask?

The Australians had found a direct way into the sarcophagus chamber, where Dr. Bakr was again, involved in very dark rituals. They grabbed him, only to have all these nasty horrors come out of the walls! Many Australian commandos died getting Bakr out, but got him out they did, and as the young lad said who played them "Objectives take casualties." He managed to get out of the temple and was rightfully awarded the win.

The next was the "Blackhawk Way Down" on Saturday. It was a game run by Pete Panzeri himself. He was quite the always, complete with funny hats. I was nominated by Pete to play Aidid himself after I volunteered to play the Somalis. (A lot of kids were there, and I remember being that age, not wanting to play the Somalis, so what the heck?). It was a hoot, we were doing a lot of fun, crazy things, my Somali gunmen inflicted some casualties on the Rangers, we damaged a Little Bird with RPG fire, shot down a Blackhawk, and at the end, ambushed the convoy just short of the gate and took out a truck full of Rangers and Delta. Yes, I was awarded the "Golden Assault Rifle" for my actions that day! (It's a neat little pen).

Here are some photos from that insanity!

Another game that deserves mention is a game called "That's my USAID" on Friday, set in the the Congo in the 1960s. It was a damn hoot, even though I got slaughtered as the Belgian-trained Congolese Paratroopers (having three out of 14 figures left by the end), we had done a number on the militia that had overwhelmed us. We ran off one of their squads, captured one jeep, and sent the other running and killed a lot of his RPGs and MGs. The militia player had decided from the start that he wanted to massacre me...didn't go all his way, and when the Bandits were stalemated with the UN, though the did control the ship with a good portion of the supplies, he cut a deal with us and the ANC (National Army of the Congo) to split the supplies three ways and cut the militia out. So, I call that a moral victory, if nothing else.

The last game was part of a new set of rules coming out called "Wars of Revolution" and it was a very good, fast play set of rules that did what it needed to. It's meant for wars in Africa, but with a few tweaks, you could use it for a variety of modern settings IMO, it should be hitting sometime around August, according to the designer.

And here are some photos from that:

I also got some photos of some Team Yankee stuff that well, looked incredible, including a really neat display someone put out of 3-505th Airborne ca. 1985 as organized for Team Yankee. It was a really great display.

There will be a lot more about Historicon on my other blogs, with part 2 being found on Festungplatz, as those items will be of more interest to readers of those blogs there, but I really did have a good time. On to 2018 everyone!


  1. It was a pleasure to have you play in my game- I'm glad you enjoyed it

  2. I might check out the ears of revolution rules when they come out. Who will be makeing them?

    1. Take a look at these guys, information on the Wars of Revolution rules are not up yet, but seeing as how they are due to be released soon, I suspect a web page will be up shortly.

  3. I was at Historicon as well, and am glad to see it'll be back in Lancaster next year. The Team Yankee stuff intrigued me, so I came back to observe some of the games and found that it looked damned near unplayable with all the large miniatures covering the board; it looked like I-95 did about 3PM around mile marker 138 on Thursday...a parking lot. I just can't see how you can maneuver when close to 80% of the table is covered by buildings or vehicles.

  4. Oh, you meant the Somalis were firing RPGs at the dragon! For a moment, I had a mental picture of a Somali leader saying, "No, Smaug, I am the captain now!"


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