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Module Suitability Review - Return to Warsaw

Picture is taken from Twilight: 2000 wiki, IP is GDW/FFE

  Return to Warsaw is in some ways, a rehash of Ruins of Warsaw, you're again trying to fight off Baron Czarny, and his band of not-so-merry cutthroats, they again have chemical weapons (blood agent filled grenades this time), and again, you're defending the plucky farm community of Silice along with a somewhat shaky mix of allies.

 But, there are some neat differences. First, the Spetsnaz team from Black Madonna? SSD-1109? They're back as private contractors working for the Baron, and they've kidnapped one of the Warsaw community leaders kids..and you can rescue them, or you can foil their attempt to decapitate the Silece leadership. Another difference, rallying the 10th Guards Tank Division might not be so easy this time, as General Konev died during the events of Ruins of Warsaw.

 The module's information is much better presented in my opinion, as I like NATO-symbols and wire frame org charts, not to mention the units are spelled out. There's also a scenario in the back for the boardgame, Last Battle, but the notes here lend themselves to any large scale miniatures system, such as Fistful of TOWs or Spearhead.

 So, as an adventure, it has more than a bit going for it, and it does well reintroducing the PCs to Europe as the beginning of the Return to Europe trilogy. I also dug the narrative section at the beginning alluding to the Baron Czarny - Darth Vader comparison.

 But how does it do for miniatures fodder?

Skirmish Games

 For skirmish games, you really do have tons of material here, (the scenario in the back of the book is an excellent start) all sorts of patrol actions and raids can be fought here, and SSD-1109 can really add a nasty, but fun surprise to the normal Twilight: 2000 inspired miniatures game. Some interesting ideas include?

  • Rescuing the hostages from the Baron and his Black Guard, using the descriptions laid out in "A Little Rescue". The events described there make an excellent Black Ops or Force on Force game.
  • Foiling the attempt on the lives of the leadership of Silece by SSD-1109.
  • Conducting an recon patrol into the territory of the Baron, to gain what intelligence you can.
Any of the ideas laid out in my review of Ruins of Warsaw also apply as well. This book is really replete with ideas.

Larger Battles

  In short, the final fight for Silece is really the big game to be had here. It's able to be played out, but not at 1:1 scale, I would recommend a 1:5 scale set of rules, like Fistful of TOWs or Spearhead, the conversions would be simple enough, but I would go 1:1 representation for the vehicles, as there are not that many of them on anyone's side. 
  Terrain is going to be something of an issue, but any sort of rubbled city, with the landmarks being prominent would work well, the big factor being the rubble wall Silece has built for it's defense.

  One thing I forgot to mention in my review of Ruins of Warsaw, was that the game should be replete with random events, as a Twilight: 2000 inspired battle of this size is going to have all sorts of issues with vehicles that might break down, heavy weapons that might fail, or worse, and morale on both sides that is probably less than stellar. 

  That's it for Return to Warsaw, next on the list will be Bear's Den, adventure in the Ukraine in the midst of winter...brr. That sounds like fun....not.

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  1. Looking forward to reading your take on Bear's Den. I always liked that adventure.... at least the premise of it.

  2. Nice work! Would like your take on King's Ransom-the best "military" adventure in T2K, IMHO.

    1. I did do a writeup on King's Ransom. Didn't you comment on it?

  3. We didnt play this one as we killed the Baron the first time we were in Warsaw. One shot one kill - and then one hell of a chase thru the ruins to get out of Dodge.


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