Monday, April 11, 2022

A Short Post this Time

Not much to report, especially since I am hellaciously busy these days. But I have not forgotten about this blog, even if I post here infrequently. I will say that it's given me stuff to do in-between the production schedule for Military Miniature. 

That said, life has been a whirlwind. And if you haven't picked it up already (Shameless plug incoming!), grab yourself a copy here.  I am just trying not to go crazy these days, as there are also some personal matters happening (all good I promise!). 

So, till about May or June, I'll be a little out of pocket here, but that said, I didn't want my loyal blog readers to think I had forgotten them. I will just be a bit too busy to post here. But I promise I will be back to my admittedly infrequent schedule soon! 

I did want to get into what I see as the future of the blog. I'd always founded this blog to cover something I'd always had an interest in, and that hasn't changed. I just got two jobs now, and well, that does suck up a lot of time.

That said, I don't regret a minute of either, and I will say, it's given me some freedom to contemplate what to do with this blog, and for now, I am just going to stay the course and post when I can. But I won't be posting "because I can." It will be posting when a) I have something to say and b) It's actually useful to you, the reader.  As you know, I try hard to keep these fluff posts to a minimum.

But I felt you all deserved to know what the hell was going on here. I do promise, I will do my best to keep content going as much as I have the time! 

This blog has been and will always be a labor of love, and I do hope it's been useful to you as well?


  1. Glad that you have been keeping busy- the module reviews and suggestions for bigger skirmish games have always been appreciated by me.



  2. No worries, I have a newborn in my home. And I have not been able to get up to any hobbies or gaming as of late.

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