Monday, December 31, 2018

Post 100! What a Long, Strange Trip it Has Been!

Well folks, it's a day late, but I am ready to announce our prize winner for our first painting contest!

 Apache 6 has won with a majority of the votes for his entry:

He'll be receiving our grand prize entry, and we ask that he gets in touch with us so we can get him his prizes!

Thanks to all the contributors and we'll be running another contest in the Spring!

Now, it's post 100, and I just want to say to our 60,000+ page views, and 52 followers one word:
Wow. When I began this blog a year ago, I never thought it would have this level of support and fans that would have people clambering for more. I promise to have more of my own work up..and there is another arena I plan to be delving into soon..3D printing. My parents thoughtfully, and I mean thoughtfully got me a Photon brand 3D Printer and I am devouring the owner's manual as we speak. Perhaps a 20mm LAV-75 is finally in the offing? But I have a lot to learn about making an STL file, let alone printing something out, so I will keep you all posted as to what's going on with this as time goes on.

I've discovered Thingverse, Wargames Vault, and Yeggi, but does anyone have anything else to recommend? Bigger terrain pieces might be a challenge, unless they are multi-part, but what I am really of a mystery about is can files be re-scaled. What I am looking for is can I take a 28mm file, and rescaling it for 20mm? (One of my primary scales). Can it be done, and how easy is it to do?

Also, what's a good tutorial for STL creation for a beginner like me?

So what comes now?

1. I intend to finish my long dormant project "Blood Upon the Risers" which is a scenario pack for Ambush Alley set during the fight for Bandar-i-Khomeini in 1997. When it's ready, it will be released here. I don't think it will be playested, but it will be free!

2. We'll be seeing more from our contributors, as they've already got some articles for us!

3. More painting, more models, and more ideas!

4. 3D printing, and the joys thereof! Let's see where this goes?

1 comment:

  1. Well done to all who entered.

    Looking forward to the scenario pack.




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